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it’s the little things in life

so who cares that the 30 day shred hasn’t made an ounce of difference in my life or that my baby cries like clockwork every evening all evening or that i lost my credit/debit/driver’s license this week and so on and so forth. here’s the good:

ramona took an extra long nap during thanksgiving dinner, so we could all be around the table! it was lots of fun, complete with some random german fellows showing up.

i successfully baked a cake while wearing the ramona baby! i feel like i should get a gold star.

ramona only woke up once during the night last night!

krispin and i decided that this year we are not going to deal with the drama of a real tree (my family always chops it down themselves. fun, and it smells good, but we live in a cramped apartment on the 4th floor. not so fun). so, because we are our own little family and we can, we are getting a sparkly pink christmas tree. booyah.

black friday is over and now we can get on to the glory that is advent.


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