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ramona gloria

i sense a pattern.

baby has horrible, no-good, very bad day. one filled with no naps, irritability and no way to soothe the intelligent lump of a child that i brought into this world. despair starts to creep in.

baby sleeps 10 hours in a row at night. mummy and daddy feel less like zombies, world feels not-so-doomed.

baby learns how to eat her own hands, is delighted at this development. baby also has a good nap. baby no longer screams as soon as waking up, but babbles to herself in ramona-language for anywhere from 5-20 minutes. everyone is ecstatic.

rinse, repeat.

as i write this, we are on the good nap cycle day. and boy, was i starting to need that. however, i feel like i am getting a better handle on the sleepless, inconsolable days because i now am starting to figure out that they cue some sort of titanic-sized discovery (well, that’s how the whole eating her hands thing seemed to me. before, she never even knew her own hands existed! i know, mind-blowing stuff.)

we went to WIC last week and got her stats (the pediatrician canceled at the last second–grrr). something like 22 inches long and not yet 12 pounds. sigh. both krispin and i had bets placed and we both lost. that’s what we get for being optimistic, i suppose. but the WIC lady was super nice and didn’t even check any of our verification stuff and didn’t make me take one of the dreaded classes (which i have managed to escape thus far). instead, she looked at me and krispin making idiots of ourselves in order to hear the ramona baby gurgle (she had just started making non-cry noises 3 days prior) and simply said: it’s so nice to see parents who are in love with their baby.

and we really are. having a sack of flour newborn for twice as long as most people has been great, but now that she is starting to wake up and join the world it has been amazing. gratifying. all that stuff that they tell you it is going to be.

here’s to a christmas day with the cutest baby on the planet, a relatively well-rested set of parents, grammies and grampies and aunties and uncles who dote and jiggle, gingerbread cake and scalloped potatoes, the bringing of advent and the sinking in of the reality that there once was an infant who came to redeem us all.


merry christmas, baby.

we put birds on things!


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