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baby-wearing fool

hey-yo! new outlook on life, new blog theme. or something like that.

today, we put our money where our mouths were.

today, i taught an esl class whilst wearing the ramona baby.

it actually went ok, maybe because only 3 students showed up. we are trying a mom’s esl class that meets in the morning while the older kids are in school and the 3-4 year olds are in preschool. i am fully prepared for this class to be chaos, but hopefully it will be the good kind. between the students and volunteers the under 3 set outnumbered the grown-ups. awesome.

sometimes its hard to be a mom, and every day i am trying to push myself past this odd anxiety i get about going anywhere or doing anything.

ramona certainly isn’t the easy-going piece of designer baby luggage that i naively thought she would be. i have had to make adjustments and sacrifices in my life, and i have come to grips with that. but sometimes i am afraid i am swinging too far to the opposite side, structuring my life around nap-times like the world will end if we aren’t back by 2.

and yeah, the esl class is a bit more complicated with a yeowling baby strapped to my front. but it’s actually a lot more fun.


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