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So Danielle is letting me have a little guest post on her mom blog, so I could share a thought about her upcoming dedication. I’ve been thinking about what to say, or even gathering a framework of what a baby dedication looks like. Am I supposed to say something? Or is it up to the pastor? Considering The Well, I assume that whatever we want will go over fine.

Anyway, I’ve thought about infusing it with our ideals. Something like, “We are praying that Ramona will grow up not to be a ‘woman of God,’ but a person of God,” and reference Galations 3:28. Or something about her growing up to be Christian pacifist – which might have been tough to fit into a baby dedication, but I thought we could pull it off somehow.

I think our prayer is just that Ray Ray is close to Jesus, whether or not she leads protests against anti-immigrant legislation or becomes the pastor of a church. I just recently re-realized that being close to Jesus is very, very important. Ever since I became a dad, I’ve been very concerned with being a good dad, and husband, and group leader (not that I succeeded very well). It became survival mode. In the end I figured out that being close to and having time for Jesus is most important, or else everything else falls apart. And this is what I hope Ramona learns.

I would like to add that it feels strange that we’re going to dedicating Ramona at church, just because every other baby dedication I’ve seen has dads that are over a decade older than me. I feel like we’re going to look like a couple of misdirected kids up front. But I think we’re doing alright — even though last night I may have been a little to set on waiting until 5:00am to feed her when she was screaming at 4:00. Mostly we’re good parents because Danielle is an amazing mom, and don’t let her tell you otherwise.


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