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Baby Dedication

Ramona got dedicated at church last Sunday.

For months I had dreamed of this moment: sharing with the church how much we had appreciated their prayers in our hour of need, the grace that was given to us, the solid little squaker who is now 5x her birth weight.

But Krispin, in the heat of the moment, said what he had to say (which was good, I will grant him that) and passed the microphone back to the pastor, who said : “let us pray”.

And that was that. The mother does not get a say.

So. Here is what I would have said, had been thinking about saying for the past 9 months:

When Ramona was born so tiny, we were afraid. But God has promised to bring big things from such a tiny package.

The kingdom of God comes through babies.

It comes in a myriad of ways. PArtly, it comes by refining us, the parents. Nine months in and we are already more patient, less selfish people. We have been faced with our grumpy, sleep-deprived selves every morning and come to grips what it is like to experience trauma and small tragedies. We have more faith in a plan that is much bigger than us and much, much, much more respect for all the other mothers (and fathers).

The kingdom is also going to come through Ramona. We don’t know how yet, but she is part of God’s plan.

And to all the parent’s out there, in the throes of chaos:

You are bringing the kingdom as well.

And that’s what I would have said.

I already murdered Krispin several times in my head (and then repented–OK?) and he feels really bad about his flustered mistake.

And I already pointed out that Krispin himself (on this very blog!) said that he wanted to use this baby dedication as a way to empower women.


In other news, Ramona went on her first hike to Multnomah falls.


And check out this shot of the falls:

The K Mayfields are moving to Phoenix this week. Ramona is going to miss her Nai Nai, Grandpa, and two lovely aunties. But we will enjoy visiting in the dead of winter!


2 responses

  1. Hannah

    I always appreciate your honest words Danielle. I, for one, can testify of God’s kingdom coming through you!

    May 25, 2011 at 10:03 pm

  2. Danielle… As always, love what you shared… when I read it, I had to smile a little because wasn’t the pastor your dad? Maybe I’m mistaken. 🙂 If not, he should know better too! 😉

    May 27, 2011 at 1:34 am

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