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shut it down

kudos to all of you who get the above liz lemon reference.


so, i feel kinda weird having 2 blogs, when i only have 1 life. i assumed i would just write on here about all things baby, and people who were interested in that kinda stuff could read it here. and i would write about everything else at the Little Somalia blog.

but life isn’t compartmentalized, and it is all the same 3 people reading anyways.

plus, i have been getting really weird spam on this site, which creeps me out.

and so–shut it down.

or just re-direct, more like.

i will continue to blog about ramona, the kingdom of god, and the evils of nestle here.

ps, on a side note, for all those who wonder:

is blogging about my baby exploitive? here is my answer in a nutshell:

a little. and as ramona gets older i will definitely try to stay in the realm of we only tell cute little anecdotes. but honestly, i blog about babies because i think there needs to be a lot more transparency and honesty in the world of mothers (and fathers). everybody is always walking around like they got it all perfect, and i just want to be someone who says, occasionally, hey–this is pretty much the roughest thing ever. and it is worth it.

and, of course, i always want to remind people that the kingdom of god comes through babies.

see you in little somalia!


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