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Project: Simplify

Clean Eating

So I skipped a couple of weeks worth of cleaning (Project:Simplify) because either they didn’t apply to me or I was uninspired (paper clutter? organizing Ramona’s stuff again?). But this week was awesome: tackling the pantry. Ok, well technically the pantry and the fridge, but I didn’t want to do the latter. So I didn’t.

But back to the pantry!

Here is the before picture:

here is the after:

Doesn’t it look pretty? Since Krispin got diagnosed with all sorts of awful things last fall (high blood pressure/cholesterol) I got freaked out thinking we were headed for early (food induced) deaths like many Americans. So we changed our eating habits quite a bit. And started exercising. And it really is amazing what a difference that makes.

Tangent Alert: can I just say that since January I have lost 12 pounds? That is a huge deal for me, and I have worked my you-know-what off for each measly pound. And Krispin? He has lost over 30.

We have done the exact same thing.

Except I work out more than he does.

Boy metabolism makes me want to scream.

Tangent End.

A huge step in getting us healthier is simply not buying packaged snack/dessert type foods. No more triscuits or little debbies or any of those delicious Americana-type snackerals that I love. Way less meat (too expensive). Lots of brown rice, whole grain pasta, lentils, black beans, veggies veggies veggies. We feel great, we look pretty, our pantry looks pretty.

Plus, when you don’t have a bunch of boxes in your pantry, it looks like this:

Pretty jars full of real food!

All of this dovetails nicely with our plan of feeding Ramona only the good things that God makes. We should prolly do the same thing for ourselves.


My Empire of Dirt

Ok, I am jumping on a bandwagon here.

The bandwagon of simplifying my life.

Sometimes it feels like all I do is organize and clean all the stuff I have. Even though we have a tiny apartment, even though we have a tiny budget, even though we don’t like to buy things that aren’t secondhand–it seems like our place is bursting with superfluous stuff.

So, time to edit our lives.

This site laid down a gauntlet for the next 5 weeks, and I am gonna go for it. This week? The closet. Taking a good, hard look at what you wear (those 10 things you always reach for) and getting rid of the rest. This was rather hard for me to do, as I find myself in that strange place of “I just had a baby 7 months ago”, where I am fatter than usual but not fat enough for the fat clothes. I know, right?

But beyond that, I need to assess why I feel like holding on to ripped bridesmaid dresses and ill-fitting sweaters. And I can’t find a single good reason. So, out they go.

And without further ado, here are the pictures:

Our closet, before:

Ramona’s wardrobe (one of 2, I might add. plus she has a closet. that girl is swimming in clothes) before:

Our closet, after (please note the leopard print snuggie, which made the judicious cut):

the after

Ramona’s wardrobe, after:

Ooh, that felt good. And don’t worry, I didn’t throw anything away. My mom recently started a clothing closet for low-income individuals in Parkrose, which is where all of our surplus will be going (check it out here). The only thing I can’t figure out what to do with are certain, oh how do you say, unmentionables, that a certain husband bought for a certain wife that are hilariously garish. I really don’t think we should donate those.

All in all, it feels good to be actively relinquishing the hold of materialism. The desire for more is the type of sickness that creeps up on me slowly, and is hard to put out for good. Short of moving to south Sudan (which would actually be awesome), I have to prepare myself to fight the soul-crushing tide of advertisements and billboards. And it really is a fight, and one we all should take rather seriously, as our spending habits are responsible for many of the wars and other atrocities (sex trafficking, sweatshops). Oh but look at me, rambling on again. Let’s move on to what you really came here for:

A picture of a cute baby! Ok, having stood on my stool and judged the world, I actually bought something for the Ramona baby the other day. At babyGAP. I am obviously a sinner in need of redemption. But here’s the thing: they were selling discounted sunglasses, the kind that make you look like a grandma from the 1970s, no matter how old you really are. I couldn’t resist the empire on this one, folks. But it turns out the joke was on me, for the Ramona baby didn’t look like the hipster child I envisioned but was instead the spitting image of Elton John. And with that, I will leave you:

tiny dancer.