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here a couple of reasons i know i am now a mom:

1. i am working out to a dvd.

who knows if this is going to work or not, but i am bound and determined to do something about this post-baby low-body-image issue. if i can go off on a tangent here (and why can’t i, since this is my blog?) one of the few good things to come out of having ramona baby 7 weeks early was the fact that i didn’t get stretch marks. seriously, this is what i was thinking about as they wheeled my miserable and terribly sick self into the operating room for my c-section. at least i won’t have stretch marks. and i can drink stumptown soon.

it’s amazing the things that go through your head when you are just trying to survive a traumatic situation.

well, i am drinking stumptown these days (so delicious!) but unfortunately it turns out you can get stretch marks by losing weight fast as well. lame! plus, since i am no longer breastfeeding, i have found my weight loss stopped at about 15-20 lbs higher than i want it. and going for long, relaxing walks with ramona hasn’t seemed to do anything in that regard. so, i do what a myriad of moms have done before me: be a total dork and work out in front of your t.v.

here’s to jillian michaels and her 30 day shred. i have one day down and 29 to go. it is rather tough, but super fast-paced and interesting so i don’t get bored. i took before and after pictures. is this how someone on the biggest loser feels? excited and sore?

2. i am in a read-the-bible-in-a-year online program

reading the bible is still something that i know is good for me yet i don’t do it often enough (which makes me feel guilty). hmmmm, kinda like exercising now that i think about it. anyways, this online bible reading thing has been working great for me (i started on september 1st) since i am out of excuses (i seem to lose my bible like it’s nobodies business). i am always using my laptop in little bursts (facebook! mcsweeneys! msn.com! younghouselove! e-mail!) and now i just do the same thing for scripture. awesome for delirious mom brains. now if only they could come up with the same kind of program for journaling . . .

anyway, if anyone wants to join me here is the link:


3. i have gone 3 days without looking in a mirror, and i consistently find myself out in public with spit-up on my clothes. and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.