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the plague

so ramona is sick for the first time in her short life, and i am proud we made it to the 28 week mark without experiencing this.

not bad for a compromised immune system, eh?

but still, having a sick baby really sucks. even though it is just a cold (no fever), she is miserable. snuffly, coughing, rubbing her eyes (oh, and she is teething too). also, she has what some nice pediatricians call a persistant personality, which means that while some babies simply slow down when they get sick, the entire world stops for the ramona baby.

so, 2 nights now of little to no sleep. it’s like we are back in preemie land again, rocking away our days and nights just to get our baby to get a little bit of the precious sleep she needs to get better.

and as of this morning huckleberry (the cat) decided to get in on the action and has already barfed 3 times. a bleary me with no sleep+cat barf piles on the floor=disaster.

i am mentally preparing myself for tonight, when krispin is in school and it is just me and the sick one.

anyone want to come over and help rock? i will make you tea and we can watch anthony bourdain.


the mom blog phase of life

i just put ramona down for a nap, where i experienced all sorts of guilt for letting her get out a few pathetic wails before falling asleep (am i┬átraumatizing┬áher or preparing her for a life of independence)? now i am spending a few minutes working on the blog before i take a quick shower and start cleaning the abyss that is my apartment. starting with the barf that my cat just left for me (her passive aggressive way of getting attention in a post-baby world?). i am a mom now. let’s do this.


ramona, concerned that it is indeed naptime.