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long nap

why is it that whenever ramona decides to take a deliciously long nap in the afternoon (a rare occurrence, to be sure) i am always ill prepared and find myself puttering around the internet or making bows out of old maps rather than cleaning or reading a mind-altering book?


i successfully did two (2!) loads of laundry today whilst wearing the ramona baby. if you know me, where i live (low-income housing with communal machines that seem like blocks away from my apartment) and if you know my baby you will be extremely proud of me. if you have never had kids you probably think this seems rather trivial. well, it isn’t. you don’t know what it’s like, and you won’t until you have a baby yourself. puppies do. not. count.

also: pictures from catalog’s with snarky sayings underneath? yes please.


activist mom

update on the 30 day shred:

so far, i have done 11 days in a row! that is by far a record for me. and that lil’ dvd is rough. i am taking my first day off today due to the fact that i got an iud yesterday and don’t feel up to getting my butt kicked this morning. so far the 20 minute length has been ideal for life with a newborn. i am rather disappointed that i haven’t dropped 20 pounds yet, but i do feel better about myself. which is more important, right? right?


now, on to other matters. specifically, the iud.

when everything was going down during the sudden and rather traumatic birth of ramona, one of my favorite nurses took me aside and told me two things: one, that i should wait a long, long time before i researched the HELLP syndrome that I had; and two, that there as a good chance i would develop it again the next time I got pregnant. basically, she told me i had better figure out what i wanted to do for birth control.

the “good chance” of developing HELLP seems all over the map, but the conservative estimate is 20%. for some people, this may not seem like much, but for me it is just a little too high. i think i am still too close to the situation and all the trauma of it to be ready to entertain the idea of more babies any time soon. hence, the intrauterine device (iud) which gives us 5 whole years to think it over. i am excited not to be on the pill, and i am also excited not to have the pressure to think about doing it all over again any time soon.

now, on to other and more activist-y things.

i found out about National Boycott Nestle week today and i am in. krispin and i have long been on an anti-sweat shop kick but have been too lazy to research child/slave labor conditions in the food industry. i say too lazy but maybe i really mean too demoralized. because it seems like a huge and all pervasive problem, especially for our favorite foods such as chocolate, salt, sugar, and coffee. but now it turns out there is an even better reason to boycott nestle–for all the information, go here.

in a nutshell, among other infractions nestle has been marketing baby formula with false advertising in developing countries. on their cans of formula nestle promises to help protect babies from polluted water and to stop diarrhea. these claims are not true in any way (formula can’t purify dirty water) and has lead to mothers switching to formula only to find that they can’t afford it, which leads to malnourished babies and even death.

as someone who reluctantly has their own baby on formula, i want to stand in solidarity with mom’s around the world who have to make that difficult choice. nestle shouldn’t make it harder with their erroneous claims that lead to misinformation and malnutrition.

so, for at least a week (and hopefully a lot longer) i am going to be boycotting nestle products. this isn’t as easy as it seems (did you know that they own libby’s pumpkins? i use that stuff all the time!) but hopefully won’t be too difficult if i try to stay away from processed stuff in general.

and that’s all i can write for now because ms. cranky pants is waking up from her long-overdue nap.


the mom blog phase of life

i just put ramona down for a nap, where i experienced all sorts of guilt for letting her get out a few pathetic wails before falling asleep (am i traumatizing her or preparing her for a life of independence)? now i am spending a few minutes working on the blog before i take a quick shower and start cleaning the abyss that is my apartment. starting with the barf that my cat just left for me (her passive aggressive way of getting attention in a post-baby world?). i am a mom now. let’s do this.


ramona, concerned that it is indeed naptime.