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so this is the new year

so . . . . christmas with a baby. magical, of course, but also filled with lots and lots of screaming. like, lots.

and lots of parenting done with tons of people watching–and even though they were all lovely, non-judgmental¬†people, it was still rather exhausting. sometimes i feel like my life revolves around naps, or the lack thereof. and the only reason it is kindofabigdeal for little babies to take naps is that they get incredibly cranky when they don’t sleep (just like me).

anyways, that is done and over with and i am so glad. here is a picture of one of my favorite presents i got, from my lovely sister:


le calmar magnifique


pretty sweet, huh?

while christmas was full of the squalor of presents and newborns, i always get pretty excited for new years eve. and not for the reasons you would think, since i pretty consistently never make it up to see the ball drop (and certainly won’t break tradition this year) but rather because it is a time of reflection and preparing for a new year. much more spiritual for me than christmas day (although christmas eve–with its candlelight services and emphasis on jesus coming to break oppression and bring his kingdom–is also pretty fantastic).

krispin and i were trying to sum up 2010 in one word, and while i picked “drama”, krispin came up with the much more dignified “transition”. and i like it. so much happened: i got my masters, almost died, had a baby, and lived through various other dramas (both big and small). and everything has changed.

so 2011? bring it on. i have a baby to watch as she wakes up to the big wide world. i have classes to teach and students to be fascinated by. i have friends that i need to pursue (and make, really). i have lots of stuff i want to do. but more than that, i want this next year not to be about all that.

i am making room for the spirit, ya’ll. and if you don’t know what that means, it really means i believe that there is room for the miraculous in my life and i am going to make the space for it.

also, on a much less spiritual note, i am doing a cleanse. not the terrible i-want-to-be-a-kardashian master’s cleanse or anything like that (you would not want to meet a danielle that subsisted on maple syrup and lemon juice) but a let’s-get-real-with-our-digestive-systems cleanse. so: no dairy, no gluten, no peanuts, no soy, no corn, no alchohol, no¬†caffeine, as little sugar as i can stand.

i have never been one for restrictive diets, but i am excited about this one. i will go for a week like this and then slowly add the various elements (gluten, dairy) back in and assess how they make me feel.

also, i am going on a media fast for a week. no facebook! or mom blogs! hopefully i can read my real and thought-provoking books instead (the bible. radical. the spirit catches you and you fall down. o magazine).

so, see you on the other side people! hopefully i will be better read and 20lbs lighter when i post again. jk. sorta.