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it’s all happening at the zoo.

I should be working on lesson plans but i would rather talk about my baby.

ramona was teething this week, which seems rather improbable but not that hard to believe. i tend to be the pessimistic parent, so i think she will probably be shrieking and drooling and not sleeping for the next 3 months before any little teeth sprout in her mouth. why would teething be an easy thing for us? nothing has thus far.

actually, when people talked about teething i shrugged it off. we are survivors of colic. what could be worse?

well, this is a different sort of screaming hell, one that no amount of the 5 s’s can cure.

but, we are now in a retrospective phase, as the screaming and crying have all but stopped and now all of the sudden i can see that my baby has arrived. she can hold her head up for longer and longer periods of time. she grabs at things, bats at things, gnaws on anything with a fierce and awesome passion. she looks at me and her dad and splits her face into a grin that you feel you could fall right inside. feeding her is no longer an hour ordeal that ends with both parties crying, and she seems genuinely excited to be here.

i hope this lasts longer than a week.

so of course this all happens the week that she is going to be assessed (in 3 days!) but i am no longer worried now.  she seems to have done all sorts of growing while i was busy freaking out about her crying jags.

we took her to the zoo today, with all the other cheap families (it was free for mlk day–anybody see any irony in that? ok, just me then). she loved it, and craned her neck to see everything, ate her bottle with gusto, threw up in the elephant museum, screamed in the elephant museum, and promptly fell asleep. after a week of being cooped up indoors with a peevish baby, this day was just what i needed.

here’s a pic, pre spit-up:


here is a pic of me looking like a crazy person in order to get her to smile:

ray-ray, we be cray-cray!

and here is a close-up of the awesome sweater she wore in honor of the zoo:

da bears.

man, i like this baby.



here a couple of reasons i know i am now a mom:

1. i am working out to a dvd.

who knows if this is going to work or not, but i am bound and determined to do something about this post-baby low-body-image issue. if i can go off on a tangent here (and why can’t i, since this is my blog?) one of the few good things to come out of having ramona baby 7 weeks early was the fact that i didn’t get stretch marks. seriously, this is what i was thinking about as they wheeled my miserable and terribly sick self into the operating room for my c-section. at least i won’t have stretch marks. and i can drink stumptown soon.

it’s amazing the things that go through your head when you are just trying to survive a traumatic situation.

well, i am drinking stumptown these days (so delicious!) but unfortunately it turns out you can get stretch marks by losing weight fast as well. lame! plus, since i am no longer breastfeeding, i have found my weight loss stopped at about 15-20 lbs higher than i want it. and going for long, relaxing walks with ramona hasn’t seemed to do anything in that regard. so, i do what a myriad of moms have done before me: be a total dork and work out in front of your t.v.

here’s to jillian michaels and her 30 day shred. i have one day down and 29 to go. it is rather tough, but super fast-paced and interesting so i don’t get bored. i took before and after pictures. is this how someone on the biggest loser feels? excited and sore?

2. i am in a read-the-bible-in-a-year online program

reading the bible is still something that i know is good for me yet i don’t do it often enough (which makes me feel guilty). hmmmm, kinda like exercising now that i think about it. anyways, this online bible reading thing has been working great for me (i started on september 1st) since i am out of excuses (i seem to lose my bible like it’s nobodies business). i am always using my laptop in little bursts (facebook! mcsweeneys! msn.com! younghouselove! e-mail!) and now i just do the same thing for scripture. awesome for delirious mom brains. now if only they could come up with the same kind of program for journaling . . .

anyway, if anyone wants to join me here is the link:


3. i have gone 3 days without looking in a mirror, and i consistently find myself out in public with spit-up on my clothes. and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.